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Wednesday, 1 August 2012

A tuning coincidence?

The chances of today's events happening the way they did are so small that it is very unlikely ever to happen again.

My first call today was in a village in Wiltshire, not very remote and not exactly tiny, but certainly had much less than a small-town feel. There must be a few hundred houses there and of these, a small proportion would be have a piano. Over the years, I have visited only a couple of houses in the village with pianos. The house I was working in today has 2 pianos (both Bluthner grands) - they will be used for piano exams tomorrow - hence the date of my visit.

When I arrived at the house this morning, I thought something was a little different about the house almost opposite - It seemed tidier than before, the driveway was spacious and clear. As I have never had reason to take particular notice, I cannot honestly say there was a change but something just felt different.

The pianos I was working on were in a first-floor room close to a window overlooking the road. About an hour and a half into my work, I heard a truck stop just outside the house and prepared to reverse into the driveway mentioned above. 

The timing of this moment is very interesting as I just happened to be standing up. From where I stood, I could see only the top of the truck sides but was able to make out the tops of the letters of the logo on the side of the van. As there was something familiar about it, I had a second look to make sure. Could it be 'G & R'? 

Sure enough, it was! G & R, are well known piano movers, moving pianos for the piano trade. They must still be one of the main piano movers in the country. And yes, they were delivering a grand piano to the house just over the road from where I was working.

I would imagine, this would have been the first ever visit by G & R to this particular village. I go 2 or 3 times a year to tune the pianos I worked on today. The delivery could have been down at the other end of the village - had it been, I would not have known anything about it, but no, it was to the house just across the road from where I was. Wondering on its occurrence, I conclude it was just one of those strange, inexplicable happenings that was meant-to-be. A real 'tuning' coincidence! 

© Steve Burden

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