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Sunday, 16 June 2013

Ibach Pianos - A Short History

Ibach Pianos have been made since 1794 - and it is no surprise that the oldest piano-making operation should also produce the very finest of pianos. Solidly-built and beautifully put together, Ibach Pianos are instruments of elegance and distinction. A piano manufacturer's long history is like a bank of traditions and experience which brings purpose and direction to the long and complex process of building pianos. Pianists love to find a firm and responsive action with a clear and singing tone - these are the distinguishing features of Ibach Pianos.

There are many, very old examples of Ibach Pianos still being used today. Even if they are rather tired and long passed their best, the sheer quality of manufacture still shines through. 

It was Johann Adolph Ibach who in 1794, began building organs and pianos but soon chose to devote his efforts solely to pianos. He handed the business on to his son Carl Rudolph Ibach in 1825. Carl Rudolph, after establishing himself in the new role, sought to find an ever greater market for his product. He travelled to France and Spain entering his pianos in competitions and invariably coming away with an award.

From 1863, the 20 year-old Rudolph took charge and changed the name of the firm to Rudolph Ibach Sohn. He was strong and dynamic and soon had to enlarge the factory to cope with the growing demand for Ibach pianos. Many of the great piano virtuosos of the time played Ibach pianos. 

Rudolph sent his son younger brother Walter to study the methods of other great piano makers. Walter spent some time in Paris with Gaveau but also visited Brussels, and London before going to America spending some years with George Steck. 

During World War II, the Ibach factories, concert halls, retail houses and even their archives were completely destroyed. At the close of the war, another chapter in the unfolding story of Ibach Pianos was begun at Schwelm. Ibach Pianos continue to be among the finest in the world. Modern Ibach Pianos still impress any pianist looking to play his music on a first-rate piano.  

Ibach family names include: Johann Adolph Ibach, Carl Rudolph Ibach, Peter Adolph Rudolph Ibach, Hulda Reyscher, Albert Rudolph Ibach, Johann Adolph Ibach, Rolph Ibach.

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