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Thursday, 4 September 2014

A New School Term... same old pianos!

Working in a school this week - preparing the pianos for a new term. This particular school has a vibrant music department and for 20 years or more, has been encouraging young people to higher and better things in the world of music. It is a pleasure to have just a little stake in the overall impact of the music in this school! 

A thriving music department in a school will generate positive benefits for the whole school community. Given the right environment, music acts like a miracle seed - bursting with the essential characteristics thought to improve intelligence and social harmony. This is well documented and widely accepted by educationalists. Unquestioningly then, a music department deserves particular notice and investment!

Somewhere in the large and complicated structure of a school's decision-making, policies and procedures, one may or may not find scribbled notes mentioning the maintenance of the school pianos. The distance between the finance office and the condition of the practice room pianos can seem like a thousand miles - if the spending committee has a more 'interesting' project on the go.   

Funding restraints dominate the minds of the school's financial thinkers and decisions makers - these are the people who determine how to spend the money in the kitty so that the school can function smoothly. Inevitably, certain individuals decide about things they neither understand nor appreciate.

Tough realities are difficult to overcome - but the equipment used in music lessons - pianos in particular, are much closer to the heart and purpose of schools than are the plush offices of the admin people who are good with figures!

Rant over for today. Normal service resumes tomorrow.

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