Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Bechstein Model 9 Repair

The Repair of a Bechstein Model 9.

The model 9 is my favourite Bechstein upright - providing it is not too old! Before taking the action to the workshop, I quickly raised the pitch so that the final tuning - after the repairs - ought to be nice and easy! 

As it was, the piano played almost acceptably - hints of a few lurking problems, misfiring notes etc. and for a Bechstein, a heavier touch than normal! Looking at some of the flange centres today, it is hard to understand how it worked at all. It is remarkable these pianos just seem to keep working even when the centre-pins are very stiff.

Cleaning the keys:  Getting the grime off the sides was not a pleasant job - the dirt was black, thick and greasy. The wood of the keys is now beautifully clean - good as new!
Damper Springs fitted

Work on the dampers - new springs, re-centring - and recovering the felts. All somewhat tedious and time-consuming but so important to get these things 'just-so!'

Felts recovered.
Fortunately, the hammers seem to have remained clean since a moderate overhaul - I reckon sometime during the 1960s.
Piano repair complete!  - A fine example of a Model 9.
Refitting the repaired parts is very rewarding! it means the job is progressing well and nearly done! Once all back together the regulation begins. This is the most important part. Everything has to work in sync to get the best from the piano.

There we have it! The repair is now complete and once again, the lovely qualities of the instrument are restored - smooth, light touch and a clear and strong tone!

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