Pianology Workshop

The Pianology Workshop 

The Pianology Workshop is in Willsbridge - just outside of Keynsham. 
Please note: Visits to the workshop are strictly by appointment only.
The workshop is perhaps a little hidden but if you are looking for a quality, second hand piano, or wanting a piano repaired, it is well worth the effort to find it. 
Please contact via Pianology

Piano Sales
We only take pianos that have the potential for being good, reliable instruments and excellent value for money. Our stock of pianos is not huge but the pianos offered for sale at the Pianology Workshop are carefully selected, thoroughly reconditioned and skilfully regulated to ensure an even and responsive touch.
Regulating is a very time-consuming process, but is crucial in preparing the piano to give many happy and melodious years of trouble-free music-making. Meticulous attention to detail gives each 'Pianology Workshop' piano its own unique feel, voice and tone. Once prepared the pianos equip discerning pianists for playing at a higher level.
Please contact Pianology for details of the pianos in stock.

Piano Repairs

Whether a keen young student, a serious amateur or a professional pianist, you will want your piano playing to be free of hassle and grief.
The odd misfiring note... the jangle of strings no longer in tune... the squeaky pedal... etc. etc. etc. These problems and many more besides, detract from the simple pleasure of playing the piano.
There is nothing quite like playing a piano that is in good working order! The Pianology Workshop can advise on the best value-for-money solutions to get you playing again!

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