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'The Piano World' page is a list of links to posts on The Tuner's Blog. They are the reflections of a mildly eccentric old piano tuner who knows his own mind on these matters. Drawn from the deep wells of experience only a lifetime of working with pianos can supply, these posts are served up in no particular order or theme. 


  1. I have a pianola piano stroud, made by the Aeolian mfg company Australia. the only numbers I can find are on the back of the kick board 2636, and 843, is it worth keeping or just tip it I cant play and there is no pianola just piano ? still works

  2. Hi Graham, sorry for long delay. At best this is likely to be a good, solidly built piano. Pianolas were a serious purchase when they were made, Aeolian pianos were among the more-respected of them. Sadly there is no great value in them now but if it plays well enough for you to enjoy playing, keep it! Cheers, Steve