Thursday, 3 April 2014

Don't Fall for a Cheap Bargain

A Tuner is no stranger to surprises:

Some people, in their search for a cheap piano, are very unfortunate. Hoping for a valuable and useable piano, they look for an advert that says 'free to collect' or perhaps, they are willing to spend £10. Excitedly they get the piano delivered and expect the tuner work a miracle! 

When a tuner is called in to choose the better of 2 such pianos, the chances of finding a half-sensible piano are slightly enhanced. But a good outcome was not to be: neither piano was of any use - one was a curious relic, the other a bad example of a mini-piano. There is no polite way of telling an optimistic piano-hunter that their find would never make a useable piano without spending the kind of money they didn't want to spend in the first place!

A 100 year-old piano has had plenty of time to develop problems that would depress the keenest technician. It is a mistake to imagine that old is always good. This is not Piano agism, rather it is realistic reflection of fact. 

Unless it is top make to begin with, do not consider spending your hard-earned cash on improving it.

Tuner's tip: Don't fall for a cheap bargain!

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