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Saturday, 28 September 2019

The Piano Tuner's Visit

The Piano Tuner’s visit is one of the things that so easily slips down the priority list. Subscriptions for ‘this’ and ‘that’, the phone contract, the cost of broadband, the dentist, the car MOT, house insurance, school kit… etc.

On and on it goes! It’s a wonder we get through month by month!

Perhaps there ought to be some clever scheme that nudges the piano tuner’s visit up a notch or two on the great ladder of the ‘must-do’ jobs!

I am old enough to be unashamedly old fashioned in my approach - I hate feeling cornered or obliged to be paying out money unless what I am paying for is appreciated to the full. 

A reply to a tuning reminder I sent a few weeks ago, said that ‘my husband says the piano is still perfectly in tune so we will leave it this time.’ I fully understand the situation.

In the great mix that makes up the society of modern times, I do have some nostalgia for and miss the slower pace of bygone days - days of not so very long ago. Days when nobody cared if you spent your evenings playing the piano or reading a book instead of watching TV.  Today it is all about 'surfing the web', or looking at social media, streaming services! 

Here am I, writing a blog post - my nod to the internet is given with mixed feelings. Surely creativity will prosper just about anywhere - especially where there is a piano to be played!

©Steve Burden