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The 'Tuner's Journal' page consists of links to articles on The Tuner's Blog - written from a piano tuner's perspective. These articles reflect my own thoughts on the pianos and situations I meet with during the course of a week's work.
Many observations are quite trivial, some are amusing, some, just fascinating. 

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The Tuner -

How to Donate a Piano
Donating a piano to a school or college is a generous thing to do, but there is more to giving a piano than simply off-loading a no longer used instrument...

Don't fall for a cheap piano
Searching for a cheap piano is very risky. A reliable piano will not be found in the 'free to collect' section of classified ads. Delivery is not cheap and then the piano will need tuning. Tuner do not work miracles! 
The Bechstein Model 9 is one of the finest upright pianos. Repairing one promises to be very rewarding! Even before taking the action to the workshop, I quickly raised the pitch so that after the repairs, the final tuning will be straightforward! 
The Purpose of Tuning 
Although we tuners hear nothing of the music played between tuning visits, we have an enormous influence on the pleasure felt by those who enjoy playing and listening to the piano. 
Replacing Hammer heads
Replacing Piano hammers is not a job that can be done in a hurry. Taking off old hammers and and replacing them with new ones sounds easy, but there is much more to it than appears...
After the Tuning
When finished, a tuner likes to play the piano just tuned - after all those octaves, chords and repetitions, it is a relief to hear it sounding in tune after the constant repetition of of octaves and chords! 
Piano Tuning as a Career
Piano Tuning is not top of the careers list for school leavers. The package does not promise great wealth. This is a strange and, slightly cranky profession!
Piano Tuners make the News
It is not often the Piano Tuners make the News. The BBC News Health pages report on a study that is looking into what happens inside the brains of professional piano tuners. 
The Piano Manufacturing Industry in England has almost disappeared without trace. Back in the 1970s one could sense that change was in the air. 
Tuner or Magician?
Tuners can be asked to work some magic on an unpromising concert. It is surprising pianists don't complain about the condition of the piano they have to use!
Buying a new piano should to be more straightforward than it is! With not so many piano shops around, if you wish to try pianos in a number of shops, your piano hunt will involve a lot of travelling.
A New School Term... same old pianos.
Preparing the pianos for a new term is a routine job. A vibrant music department is a massive boost for any school!
One Tuned Earlier - Part #1
Sample snapshot record of a piano tuner's work. One tuned earlier series.
The Tuning Snob
A tuner's thoughts about what being in tune means.

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