Sunday, 17 August 2014

Schimmel Pianos

Schimmel Pianos, established in 1885, have a proven record of building pianos of excellence. For me these pianos have become one of my personal favourites - simply because they are so very good. I have had a couple in my workshop over the last few years and have been deeply impressed by the sheer quality. Always respond well to work and are mechanically and tonally reliable. They are a piano Tuner/Tech's piano! 

The Schimmel Piano Company has navigated itself through tough economic conditions by manufacturing some pianos, for a time, in Poland and China. Making the most of computerised machinery, together with their traditions of handcrafting expertise, the Schimmel Piano deserves the highest esteem of all who have the privilege of playing one!

Established in 1855 in Neuschonefeld, the company grew steadily and had a factory built in nearby Leipzig - opened in 1897. During the Great Depression, production was moved to Braunschweig as part of a co-op of piano manufacturers.

In more modern times, 2003, a more moderately-priced range of pianos was produced in Poland under the 'Vogel' name. These were replaced by the Wilhelm Schimmell brand some 10 years later.

In 2007, like some other piano manufacturers, Schimmel imported a Chinese-made piano. These 'May Berlin' pianos were discontinued about 5 years later.

Personally, I'd like to see many more Schimmel pianos here in England - simply because they are so good!

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